Europa Conexus

Europe Day - 9th of May

Connected Europe

The creation of the  European Union  has had a significant impact on connecting European countries and peoples. Overall, the creation of the European Union has helped to connect European countries and peoples in a variety of ways, fostering greater cooperation, cultural exchange, and shared values across the continent.

Europe Day

 Europe Day  is celebrated on May 9th every year to mark the anniversary of the historic  Schuman Declaration . This declaration, which was made by French foreign minister Robert Schuman in 1950, proposed the creation of a European Coal and Steel Community, which would pool the resources of European countries and help to promote peace and prosperity on the continent.

The Schuman Declaration is seen as a pivotal moment in European history, as it helped to lay the foundation for what would eventually become the European Union. By proposing a common market for coal and steel, Schuman sought to bind European countries together in a shared economic and political project, thereby reducing the likelihood of future conflicts between member states.

Today, Europe Day is celebrated throughout the European Union as a symbol of European unity and cooperation. It is an opportunity for Europeans to reflect on the shared values and achievements of the EU, while also looking to the future and the challenges that lie ahead.

On Europe Day, many European cities hold cultural events, concerts, and exhibitions, while government officials and European leaders make speeches and issue statements highlighting the importance of European unity and solidarity. It is a day to celebrate the rich cultural heritage of Europe, as well as the common values and aspirations that bind Europeans together.

The NL-RO GO connexion

RO-NL set of rules
The first National Romanian Go Championship, which took place in 1986 in Cluj-Napoca, was organized based on a  set of rules  adapted from the Dutch set of rules.