European Student Go Championship '23

ESGC 2023 - Timisoara

Timisoara info

Travel options

You can get to Timisoara by car or train connecting trough Bucharest (Romania), Budapest (Hungary) or Belgrade (Serbia).  Timisoara Airport  is well serviced by flights from Europe, so flying is also good option to get here. You can find a direct flight serviced by WizzAir, RyanAir, Lufthansa from various European cities. Tarom, the local airline flies from Bucharest.

Venue and neighborhood

 Facultatea de Litere, Istorie si Teologie - UVT  (Strada Oituz no. 4) is at 3 minutes walking distance close to  Union Square  "Piata Unirii" (also known as Dome Square) and 5 minutes to  Iulius Town .

  1. The playing venue, before preparations.
  2. The entrance of the building where the room is situated: Facultatea de Litere, Istorie si Teologie.
  3. Reference point: the building of Fine Arts / Facultatea de Arte Plastice. Cross the street coming from Piata Unirii (the crosswalk shown in the picture) and pass trough this building or go around it on the right side. There is an ongoing construction site in the area, behind this building, so please don't be intimidated by the dusty pathway.


Closest accomodation opportunity is right accors the street from the venue,  Hostel Cornel , offering good options for "Social", "Family" and "Personal" choices of traveling.

Food access

In walking distance of the playing venue there are tenths of food businesses spread throughout the city center in (and between) the 3 main squares: Piata Unirii, Piata Libertatii and Piata Victoriei (Operei). The offer is very diverse and it is easy to discover it by just wandering around in the area. This is why I will list hereonly info about the restaurants and markets that offer asian cusine.



Events and tips about the city

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