European Student Go Championship '23

ESGC 2023 - Registration


European Student Go Championship

For a successful registration please fill all the fields of the form.
No personal information will be made public besides the already existing  EGD data .

Surname: - You can specify at least 2 characters of the family name. You can optionally search for players whose last name starts with the given string, instead of looking into the whole name. To achieve this, you have to type a "@" as the first character.

Club: Country: - two letter  ISO code 
PIN: - Autocomplete source for the given PIN is the players  EGD card 
Rank: GoR: - Rank format is "1p", "3d", "17k" and GoR consists in an 4 digit number.
For registration rank rules and reset requests please check info at the base of this page.

The email won't be made public, but it is necessary for verifying your registration.

Today: 2024-06-21
To verify your submission, please check the list below.

Registered students

 Daria-Maria Mesesan  - 5k (1813) - ATSU (RO) RO - 2023-09-14
 Darius Dobranis  - 3d (2330) - ATSU (RO) RO - 2023-09-14
 Bogdan Milosevic  - 10k (1062) - GkNS (RS) RS - 2023-09-10
 Anja Djukic  - 8k (1309) - xxxx (RS) RS - 2023-09-05
 Horatiu Radulescu  - 10k (1203) - Cluj (RO) RO - 2023-08-25
 Boris Dovcik  - 3d (2242) - Kosi (SK) SK - 2023-08-23
 Daniel Dobridoreanu  - 1d (2064) - TISA (RO) RO - 2023-08-09
 Denis Dobranis  - 5d (2511) - ATSU (RO) RO - 2023-08-07
 Mihailo Jacimovic  - 3d (2349) - KGRa (RS) RS - 2023-04-26

Steps for registration

  1. Online registration using the form on this page
  2. Sending age and student status documents to FRGO at:
  3. Paying participation tax to FRGO after receiving validation email