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Lectures S17

Lectures season 17

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Cycle 4

 Variations after joseki (kick-extend)  - SF (2023-12-04)
Tactical lesson

 League 3 crazyboy7 - Lucirex1  - SF (2023-12-01)

 League 2 Lilly17 - xBx  - SF (2023-12-01)

 League 2 Bartolomej - Alper  - SF (2023-12-01)

 Pro game review from Samsung Cup 2023  - SF (2023-11-27)
Between Choi Jeong 9P and Xie Erhao 9P

 Game analysis from EYE Team 2023  - CT (2023-11-23)
Between Vsevolod Ovsiienko and Robert-Andrei Grosu

 Solving local positions in middle game  - CT (2023-11-16)
Topic lecture based on Pro game

 Adjusting to circumstances  - SF (2023-11-13)
Topic lecture with multiple examples

Cycle 3

 Basic tsumego corner shapes  - SF (2023-10-24)
Life & death problems appearing in actual games

 Pro Game Review from the Female Honinbo Title Match 2023  - SF (2023-10-17)

 Keeping a cool head  - SF (2023-10-03)
Strong emotions during a game might sometimes misguide us. How to keep a cool head, what to do to not get deceived by own emotions, how to judge a position objectively?

Cycle 2

No lectures in this cycle.

Cycle 1

 The most important side shape  - SF (2023-05-24)
10-minute review of a famous side tsumego (coming in three flavors)

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