Anti cheating

Integrity measures in online competitions

Measures to discourage dishonest practices

in online competitions

Regulation based on  Regulament anti-cheating online  (RO) adopted in 19th of March 2021 for Bucovina-Banat tournament


Given: and taking into account: we, the organizers of the tournaments, adopt and undertake the non-discriminatory application of the following regulation.


(1) These rules apply to players at the first three tables, regardless of players rank, and to all other tables where at least one Dan level player is paired.
(2) A link to these rules is provided in the registration form, so that the act of registrating in the competition will constitute the participant's implicit agreement to abide by its contents.

Rules regarding mutual video verification

(3) The players will have to be able to provide a live video feed (in real time) throughout the game to the table partner and, additionally, at the table partner's request, to the tournament referee.
(4) Minimal technical conditions: (5) The primary platform recommended for providing the aforementioned live video feed is  Google Meet , while the accepted alternatives are: Skype and Zoom.
(6) In case of failure to comply with the technical conditions listed at points (4) and (5), the table partner has the right to request feed verification by the tournament referee.

Rules regarding complaints

(7) The referees do not have the authority to declare a situation of fraud, but they can enforce compliance with the technical conditions of mutual verification, at the request of one of the players.
(8) Refusal of the player to fulfill the technical requirements of video verification is liable to be sanctioned by declaring the game as lost. Declaring a game as lost under these conditions does not represent a verdict or an accusation of fraud. It is only the consequence of violating this regulation regarding the conditions for playing in the online tournaments.
(9) Players may choose not to complain about non-compliance with the mutual video verification rules, but this implies that they waive their right to request the intervention of a tournament referee and accept that the outcome of the match will be considered the official result by the competition organizers.

This regulation was adopted by the organizers in order to improve the playing climate by reducing suspicions among the top participants. However, it is preferable that personal integrity and mutual trust between players prevail.